Going Global With Your Startup, One City At A Time

For all of our regular readers, you will by now have read my personal view and experiences from the past seven months. We have looked at the..

Golnaz van Huyssteen On The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Operations Manager of the Robot Technology Exhibition (RTEX), Golnaz van Huyssteen, discusses the what, who, and when, of A.I., and how it..

Book Review: Stress Test: Reflections On Financial Crisis by Timothy F. Geithner

If there is anyone out there who is qualified to write about financial crisis, it’s Tim Geithner. As a witness to not just the major crisi..

Married Startups: Middle East Relationships With Billion Dollar Valuations

STARTUP TRIVIA What do Eventbrite, Modcloth, and PopSugar Inc have in common? In addition to valuations in the US$1b, al three startups were..

Ritz-Carlton’s Adel Al Mahboob Insists On The Executive Experience

Adel Al Mahboob, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh, is big on “thoughtful extras” for their business travelers. Al Mahboob, a 3..

‘Trep Trimmings: The Montblanc Executive Selection

For the entrepreneur on your list that has a discerning eye, Montblanc has a fine range of executive-appropriate better goods as part of the..

Task Spotting App: Pays Users To Get Crowdsourced Business Insights

If you fancy yourself as a spy in town for a covert operation in true Mission Impossible form, then you might enjoy this. Launched in June a..

Book Review: The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance and What Women Should Know by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

It seems that every year someone somewhere in publishing decides that we need another book on women, how there’s a lack in female confiden..

Five Minutes with Entrepreneur Ismail Al Hammadi

    Ismail Al Hammadi’s recent large scale project execution landed him on the cover of Entrepreneur Al Arabiya in July. Here..

Web Portal Jobooh UAE is dedicated to Startup Employment Opportunities and Recruitment

  If you’re looking for a job and you love startups, this might be the place for you. Founded by Pierre-Alain Masson, Jobooh, is a websit..

Facebook Admits To Influencing “Sadder” Users For Experiment

Facebook has given users one more reason to suspect their intentions. The social network has been the target of worldwide backlash after ne..

Four Ways That Being A Freelancer Is Better Than Being An Employee

I’ve been a part-time employee. I’ve also been a full-time employee. And since December 2013, I’m a freelance writer, editor, and tran..

TypeStage Startup Founder Otba Mushaweh Aims For Arabic Font Excellence

We tend to forget that Arabic fonts on word processors are very limited… or even that a multitude of them exist. In fact, options are ..

TSA Adjusts U.S. Airport Security Measures To Include Mobiles and Tablets

The United States Transportation Security Administration, better known as the TSA, is adopting new security tactics that are headline-worthy..

The Right Private Equity Backing Can Fuel Your Company’s Growth

Behind many successful companies there is probably a great private equity fund, and I have the case studies to prove it. I’m sure many en..

The Tallest Towers In The Arab World (Infographic)

Middle Eastern stereotypes have gone beyond tents and camels; we’re also supposedly known for our tall buildings because of Burj Khali..

Three Types of People You Want To Avoid At Work

I’m usually not a person who categorizes people, but when it comes to the workplace I can’t help but notice stereotypes everywhere I..

Crowdfunding Spacewear: Betabrand Funds Designer’s Space-Inspired Clothing Line

Betabrand, a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding platform for designers, recently got all universal wid’ it. “Designers use Betabrand like..

Pro Golfer Martin Kaymer Tees Off With Distinction

We like German golf pro Martin Kaymer dressed to the nines by Hugo Boss while teeing off successfully at the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, North C..

Stats and Remedies For Employee Turnover In MENA

There’s no doubt about it: Today’s employees are harder to retain, and the majority of professionals in the Middle East seem to agree on..

British Airways Measures Customer Satisfaction With Fiber Optic Tech

British Airways wants to read your mind- literally. The airline has started testing the “happiness blanket”; a blanket woven with fiber ..

You May Be Over With The Race To Build The Tallest Building, But China Isn’t

After China’s last “mission: sky high” came to a halt less than a year ago, plans for a new venture are currently pending government a..

Interpretation Vs. Translation: Which Is Right For Your Business?

When thinking about ways to make international business easier, the legend of the Tower of Babel often springs to mind: Wouldn’t it be eas..

Dubai Chamber Reports Significant Halal Market Growth

The growing global halal market is a major talking point in the business world. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released a re..

India To Administer Free Vaccinations To The Public

Child mortality has been an issue the Indian government has been tackling for a while. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that four vacc..