Russian Bank Offers A Free Cat With Mortgage

Be still, my feline-loving heart. Till December 14, Russian bank Sberbank will let the first 30 mortgage customers choose among 10 breeds of..

Startup Doxunity: MENA’s Doctor-Targeted Web Portal

Doxunity, a web portal dedicated to doctors, currently has “close to 130” users from the GCC, North African nations, Iran and Lebanon. T..

YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley To Speak At IASP Doha

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QTSP) hosts the 31st International Association of Science Parks (IASP) World Conference this October. Thi..

Thin is in: Sony Slims Down Portable Data Storage

Between images, videos, music and personal files, you have tons of data worth keeping. Portable data solutions extend your personal storage ..

Fadi Sabbagha On Branded Mobile Apps In The Middle East

Entrepreneur Fadi Sabbagha, an interactive communication specialist with over 18 years of experience in online industry and digital media, e..

Crowdfunding Ziptwin: The Jacket That Transforms Into A Bag

During a supermarket run, Andrew Hughes was faced with the dilemma of carrying his purchased items without a bag. Having only his skateboard..

Infographic: Customer Service Trends and Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction guaranteed? It’s most likely to be the case in Norway, but not in the US, even though the latter has a massive 1..

Five Minutes with Entrepreneur Geoffrey Nejman Co-Founder Parfums M. Micallef

  What would you say is the region’s biggest challenge for entrepreneurs? This region has great potential for entrepreneurs who are w..

Researchers Determine Microbes Influence Dietary Choices

Science is looking for keys to solve the obesity epidemic. The psychology of choice, cravings, and metabolism, among other appetite factors ..

SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and Dubai Customs: Director H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

Ahead of Global Trade Development Week 2014, we spoke to H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs (DC) about the implications t..

Porsche Design Has It In The Bag

Porsche Design is upping the ante with their new range of women’s fine leather handbags. The introductory CosmoBag, released in all Porsch..

Wealth by U.S State: America’s Big Money

  Is your net worth debatable? This widely circulated map, produced by Movoto, got us wondering about the correlations between industry..

SUC research recognized

Sharjah’s Skyline University College (SUC) earned accolades for its scientific research, winning the award for “Best Scientific Research..

Squaring Off: BlackBerry Passport Gets Design Dialogue Going

BlackBerry is expected to release the much anticipated Passport smartphone this fall in the GCC, possibly even this month. While cyberspace ..

Five Places To Search For Fresh Inspiration

Whether at a conference or working late from home, how is that eureka moment very much the same? It is the conditioning. Being in the moment..

I Left A Job that I Loved To Broaden My Horizons.. and It Taught Me How To Create “Space”

For what seemed like the longest time, I tried to figure out if there was ever a good time to leave behind a job I truly love. Specifically,..

du CCO Fahad Al Hassawi Talks IT Business Solutions

For the foreseeable future, cloud computing is the best solution for both SMEs and larger-scale business models. du Chief Commercial Officer..

The Power Of Architecture: How Your Environment Shapes Your Thoughts And Actions

In 1952, polio killed more children in America than any other communicable disease. Nearly 58,000 people were infected that year. The situat..

Q-Cab Transportation, Qatar’s Version Of Uber, Launches In September

Q-Cab Transportation, slotted for launch next month, will utilize new technology to enable customers to order taxi services by using mobile ..

Stacking The Construction Industry Odds In Your Favor: Communication, Cost Control, and Careful Planning

The construction industry is certainly not for the easygoing, faint-hearted type of person. Due to the client preferred procurement model to..

Emirati ’Trep Ahmed AlMentheri On Building Startup Success From The Ground Up

Emirati entrepreneur Ahmed AlMentheri encountered the same problems that a lot of other young enterprise hopefuls mention- closed doors, and..

Steve Mackie’s BSUQ Wants To Help You Start Your Business In Qatar

The tiny Arab Emirate is investing its large revenues from oil and gas in other economic sectors in order to expand its economic base and de..

Child Thought To Be “Cured” Of HIV Shows Renewed Signs Of Infection

Two years. That’s how long a Mississippi baby went without antiretroviral therapy before signs of the HIV virus were redetected in the chi..

Candid Cameras For Your Summer Vacay

Summer is here in full swing, and so are the gadgets that you need to capture and share your best moments. Whether you’re off scaling ..

Battle Of The Doppelgänger Startups That Want To Take You Places: Careem Vs. Carpool Arabia

The taxi takes an hour to pick you up, the driver is unaware of your destination, and to boot doesn’t have change. With the inconvenience ..