Cairo Amman Bank Introduces PayPal Services

Customers of Cairo Amman Bank can create their own PayPal account using the CAB’s online banking platform in order to link their accounts ..

Online Brand Alienation: 10 Ways To Piss Off The Online Community

The online community is an important part of a brand’s public relations strategy. It can make a huge difference for your brand resulting i..

UAE E-Commerce Startup Duo YouGotAGift

Dubai-based entrepreneurs Abed Bibi and Husain Makiya aren’t new to the digi-scene, both of the partners behind (YGAG) hav..

Chemical Reaction – Yogesh Mehta’s Petrochem Middle East Has The Solution

Frustration is very good. Frustration brings dissatisfaction and in order to bring any change there has to be a level of dissatisfaction,”..

Children Learn Languages & Travel With Anamil Tech’s App

Dr. Sarah Faisal Al Saud’s company, Anamil Tech, has launched a learning and logic app for children, Pacca’s Carousel. The interactive l..

Aabar Investments Announces Competition To Send An Emirati Into Space

An Emirati will win the chance to travel into space as part of a nationwide competition being launched by Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments...

Six Messaging Alternatives To WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire continued growing after Facebook acquired mobile instant messaging app, WhatsApp for US$19 billion in February. T..

Water Woes In The GCC? Get Empowered

The importance of district cooling cannot be underestimated: with populations on the rise across the GCC and with billions of dollars-worth ..

How To Actually Form A Habit (Backed By Science)

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon in the 1950s when he began noticing a strange pattern among his patients. When Dr. Maltz would perform a..

Media Management: How To Choose The Right Coverage At The Right Time

When it comes to giving interviews, do you go for the big guns or settle for smaller media? We can write a whole book on this subject. The o..

Four Habits For A More Productive You

Keeping the momentum going means cultivating best practices. It involves a proactive managerial skillset, and you need to start by applying ..

Energizing The Middle East – Making The Most of What You Have

The Middle East energy market is a fast growing one, with increasing electricity needs to support population growth and industry development..

Grooming Tips For Business Travelers – Part Two

Frequent air travel wreaks havoc on your skin; try some of these tips to ensure that you arrive at your destination looking fresh-faced. Get..

Legoland Comes To Dubai

2016 is the year to look forward to, mostly because it marks Legoland’s highly-anticipated opening in Dubai (after a painfully long wait)...

Back To The Future-esque Hoverboard Ad A Hoax.. Or Not?

So close yet so far: The cult fanbase of 80’s sci-fi trilogy Back to the Future are probably wallowing in disappointment, having fantasize..

Vox Cinemas Announce Regional Expansion

VOX Cinemas are planning to continue their expansion across the Middle East, newly announcing an AED 750 million investment through Majid Al..

Legal Advice Before Leg Work in UAE

It is a well-established fact that every company in the UAE must be duly licensed to operate in the country, irrespective of whether it is c..

Cityscape Qatar 2014 Set To Focus International Spotlight On Real Estate and Construction Boom

Cityscape Qatar will open its doors from 2- 4  June at the Qatar National Convention Centre to a ground breaking number of international ..

Lessons Learned From Internships

Being a recent grad, I’ve come to learn that in the job-hunting world, they won’t look at your resume if you don’t have some sort of r..