Legal Advice Before Leg Work in UAE

It is a well-established fact that every company in the UAE must be duly licensed to operate in the country, irrespective of whether it is c..

Cityscape Qatar 2014 Set To Focus International Spotlight On Real Estate and Construction Boom

Cityscape Qatar will open its doors from 2- 4  June at the Qatar National Convention Centre to a ground breaking number of international ..

Lessons Learned From Internships

Being a recent grad, I’ve come to learn that in the job-hunting world, they won’t look at your resume if you don’t have some sort of r..

Qamira Delivers Off-The-Shelf Virtual Game Creation API

Qamira delivers a unique software integration application programming interface (API) offering full Virtual Camera control in real-time, all..

Leading By Example: Philanthropy In Business

Leading businesspeople have taken a philanthropist approach to the way they manage their money- they’re giving it away. Even if it isn’t..

Venture Capital As The Fuel of Innovation

The role of man has always been to innovate and create. Since the beginning of time, mankind has progressed because of our ability to invent..

Spending Startup Cash

In my previous article we looked at how much you should raise and what value would be given to your idea. For all you entrepreneurs looking ..

Check: The Free Android App To Help You Pay Your Bills

Enjoy paying your electricity or phone bills online or through apps, but can’t stand how so many of those apps and websites perform so poo..

CEO Sarah Al Suhaimi Brings Women To Forefront of Corporate KSA

Another victory for women in the workplace! NCB Capital, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading investment banks, has recently appointed a new CEO,..

New Phablet By Asus – The Fonepad 7

The new phablet by Asus -for the unanointed that’s a mobile device that combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet- Fonepad ..

Saudi Arabia Sets Sights On Tourism

While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not the first country in the GCC that comes to mind when you think tourism, it looks like that will be ..

Toxic Cities and Urban Consumption

Five hundred and twenty-four quadrillion British thermal units (Btu). That’s how much energy the world consumed in 2010, according to the ..

Molding Minds: Dubai’s Private Education Sector Grows

Molding the minds of the best and the brightest of future is the key to success. Dubai hasn’t underestimated the importance of a growi..

Bringing the Brands to Bahrain

Two news hotels are expected to open up in Bahrain in July 2014. American hospitality and tourism giants, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worl..

Most Competitive UAE Business Environment Boosts Digital Opportunities

With a number of key indicators pointing to strong growth in startups and other new digital businesses in the UAE, the region’s hub for di..

Majid Al Futtaim Commences Partnership With Twentieth Century Fox & Empire International

Majid Al Futtaim has announced a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox and Empire International, their distributor in the Middle East. Earl..

Tradewinds Chaired By Alabbar Launches AED 4.5bn Perdana Quay In Malaysia

Tradewinds Corporation, the premier leisure and hospitality owner-operator in Malaysia chaired by Mohamed Alabbar and backed by The Albukhar..

Dubai Internet City (DIC) hosting TECOM SME Builder at Dubai Knowledge Village

TECOM SME Builder is open to all SMEs and start-ups, and is a gateway to the essential expertise and knowledge needed to accelerate SME busi..

Third Dubai Precious Metals Conference: DMCC Announces US$75 Billion Gold Traded Through Dubai in 2013

Read more about the blooming gold market here. The Dubai Precious Metals Conference 2014 (‘DPMC 2014’), hosted by DMCC, in association w..